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Fidlers Ferry Sailing Club

Welcome to Fidlers Ferry Sailing Club

These pages are to give you an idea of the club, who we are, where we are and what we have to offer. When the club celebrated it's hundredth year we produced a Souvenir Booklet which you can down load here (print back to back) or just view it on-line here

The club has four main components:

  • An active dinghy racing section on the Mersey
  • A yacht cruising section based at the club
  • Social members who enjoy the club bar and a bit of sailing
  • Formal RYA Training courses

New members of any type are always welcome and young people are made especially welcome with the opportunity to use club equipment and qualified instructors.

Here we play host to the West Kirby Sailing Club, Falcon Fleet for a mid-summer regatta. Using the tides the competitors had sailed up the Mersey from their base at New Brighton. 

Everyone enjoyed the racing and particularly the post race hospitality in our licensed club premises. They set off at high water on the following day having made new friends and we look forward to this becoming a regular feature of our season.

Local sailing is governed largely by the tides but a powerful winch makes it easy getting the boats in and out of the water. It's a team effort and a good way for new members to join in and get to know the group. 

A variety of boats race here and we have a full programme of activities which includes challenges from other clubs in the area.


Some of our RYA Courses

RYA Powerboat Level 1 & 2
RYA Safety Boat
Tidal Endorsement of existing qualifications
Dinghy Sailing Level 1 & 2
EFR First Aid Courses 
(HSE recognised)


We have a wide range of RYA course and all offer the opportunity for 'tidal endorsement' which makes them applicable in any water, worldwide. 

Our fully qualified trainers use both displacement and planing craft to give you the full experience of power boating whilst our sail training covers a variety of dinghies. You can always use your own craft if that suits you better.

Shore based courses such as First Aid are tailored directly to suit the needs of the participants and we can offer a distinctly sailing orientated flavour.

The clubhouse overlooks the water and the race observation tower maintains a nautical trend as it was originally the wheelhouse of a seagoing vessel.

A variety of sailing conditions and experiences can be had throughout the season.

The start of the sailing season for the off-shore fleet. Grey Lady followed by Ki Moon fight hard against the spring tide  as they leave Fidlers Ferry to explore the harbours of North Wales, Scotland  and Ireland.

We will see them again in September as we gather round the bar to share all those stories of distant shores and other clubs.  

Despite ranging far and wide the club forms a bond for the cruisers and the fun of "cruising in company" adds to their summer programme.



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Fiddlers Ferry

1st Mark
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