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Fidlers Ferry Sailing Club

Dinghy Race Programme produced by Sailing Secretary, Ian Scouler

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Race Calendar for 2018

Date  Race Start time Ht in M
18th March  Presidents Tankard  12:15 9.4
1st April  Commodores shield  13:10 9.7
15th April  Eric Page Trophy  12:10 9.2
29th April  Finn Lomax Trophy  12:10 9.3
13th May  Caldwell Cup  11:00 8.7
27th May  Hallaway Trophy  11:05 8.8
3rd June  Meacock Trophy  15:10 8.2
17th June  Burthem Trophy  15:10 9.3
1st July  Kelsall Cup  14:25 8.5
15th July  Shiloh decanter  14:10 9.7
29th July  Ladies Trophy  13:30 8.7
12th August  Mersey Basin  13:10 9.8
26th August  Novice Trophy  12:40 8.8
9th September  September Cup  12:05 9.6
23rd September  Junior Regatta  11:40 8.6
7th October  Farrell Trophy  11:00 9.2
14th October  Spare  15:30 8.6



Please make sure you do your Officer of the Day duty

Race Results

Race Results:- Caldwell Cup                                        Race Date: 014/05/2017

1st   Redfoot                                   Falcon                           Helm    Ian Scouler
2nd Scorcher                                  Albacore                        Helm    Alan Dodd
3rd  Hummingbird                            Wayfarer                       Helm    Phil Wishart


Today’s race had an international flavour with an “Olympic” course being used for the first time this season, a course of over 12 miles. 13 Boats turned out, with variable winds and a strong incoming tide, it would prove difficult to gauge the race and the changing conditions. 

All boats trawled the line as the count down to the start commenced, but no one would have predicted that as the start signal went off the wind stalled. All the fleet drifted backwards away from the start line and towards Warrington, before the wind returned which left some boats disadvantaged and out of the race before it really began. After 15 minutes the wind returned quite strongly and 4 boats started to make headway to the first mark managing to finally to cross the start line to get going. Falcon Harris Hawk took the early lead followed by the Wayfarer Hummingbird, chased by the Albacore Scorcher and Falcon Redfoot. The long track to the first mark was difficult and the lead changed many times. The Albacore Scorcher was first to the mark followed by Redfoot, Harris Hawk and Hummingbird. 

By the time the second mark was reached the Albacore and Falcon Redfoot, had broken from the chasing boats, and as a result that was not to change for the rest of the race. To complete the first part of the course took over an hour, with two more laps to complete and the tide turning that would prove to be difficult. After an hour and 45 mins the shorten course signal was hoisted and the race for the line became intense. The Albacore held a narrow lead over Falcon, Redfoot, but the lead had to be increase to counter the affect of the handicap system, with the Albacore not being able to hoist its main sail fully the chances of that would be hard.  

The two boats crossed the line 15 seconds apart, even though the Albacore crossed the line first, Redfoot won the race due to its superior handicap giving Skipper Ian Scouler his first win of the season. Worthy of a good second place was Alan Dodd in the Albacore Scorcher, being hampered with main sail problems, things might have been different. The 3rd &4th  was also a battle between the Wayfarer Hummingbird and Falcon Harris Hawk who had suffered spinnaker problems in the early part of the race, which took nothing away from Phil Wishart on his Wayfarer taking 3rd place comfortably in the end. A big turn out gave a lot of entertainment to the large groups of Sunday strollers and pub goers as the sailing used the turning mark by the local pub.  3 boats retired, but 10 completed the race, the race officer did a great job and the safety team played their part in making the best and most challenging sailing day of the season so far.

Race Results The Eric Page Cup                             Race Date: 09/04/2017…………

1st   Skippy                             GP 14                               Helm    Paul Davison
2nd Harris Hawk                       Falcon                              Helm    Ian Reading
3rd  Hummingbird                     Wayfarer                           Helm    Phil Wishart


Today's Racing was affected by very fickle winds which made the race officers choice of courses limited due to a strong incoming tide, non the less a pursuit race was held up to Monks Hall turn No 9 Mark, distant 2 miles Race 1 From the start it was who could handle and make the most of the fluctuating winds. 

The fleet was split in two with the leaders playing out their own tactics to gain advantage. First to cross the line was Harris Hawk, Falcon 64 closely followed by Wayfarer, Hummingbird 10397 was 2nd and Skippy GP14 helmed by Paul Davison.  Being a handicap race the times had to be adjusted to reflect each dinghy classes handicap. Skippy took the win by the slimmest of Margins therefore the winner of The Eric Page Trophy 2017 was GP14 Skippy helmed by Paul Davidson with Clare Burthem as crew. It was Paul's first win, so congratulations from us all.  2nd Harris Hawk 64 helmed by Ian Reading, 3rd Wayfarer 10397, Hummingbird helmed by Phil Wishart.  

Race 2:- Improving racing conditions with the wind filling in. The Course was from No9 to No2 and finish, won by Ian Scouler in Redfoot 42, Falcon, 2nd Falcon Harris Hawk 64 Helmed by Ian Reading & 3rd was Falcon Stone Hawk 65 Helmed by Dave Irving.  

Race 3:- Short but Fast, good wind. The course was a simple short course race  in front of the club house using marks 3P, 2P, 3P, 2P & Finish.  This course was completed in 16mins & 42 Seconds and won by Dave Irving in Stone Hawk, 2nd Wayfarer 10397 Helmed by Phil Wishart & 3rd Redfoot 42 Helmed by Ian Scouler,  

Good turnout with 9 boats out and a superb safety and race officer team of Craig, Gareth and Rob Mc, our grateful thanks to you all. A special mention for Tony Muir who completed his first race today's in his Mirror, well done. Thanks to all who took part.

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Race Results the Commodores Shield                      Race Date: 26/03/2017

1st   Honey Buzzard 59               Falcon                              Helm    Richard Corner
2nd Stone Hawk 65                     Falcon                              Helm    Johnnie Alleys
3rd  Hummingbird                       Wayfarer                           Helm    Phil Wishart


To days race programme commenced with blue skies, bright sunshine and a nice breeze, quite a surprise after the weather we have had over the last 7 days. The first race was for the Commodores Shield with a small fleet taking part. The course was over 3 miles and shifting wind directions. All boats made strong starts with two boats finding their way over some changing sand banks which caught some helms out. 
On reaching the furthest mark Falcon Red foot 42, was trailing Falcon 59 Honey Buzzard as they rounded No7 Mark for the return leg, closely followed by the rest of the fleet.  The next mark was No4 and the final mark No3 Southall’s and finish, on the long run back with increasing winds 42 final managed to pass 59 to take the lead and cross the finish line, but celebrations were short lived as 42 had miss read the course and missed a mark out. 42 immediately retired, giving the win the 59 Honey Buzzards who had battled all the way with 42. The gave Stone Hawk the second place to hold off Wayfarer Hummingbird and the 3rd place on the podium. 

Race 2 was a point’s race which saw Red Foot 42 helmed Ian Scouler by make up for the error in the first race by taking first place over No 36 Osprey helmed by Colin Flynn and No 59 Honey Buzzard helmed by Richard Corner. Although it was a short course race it proved taxing trying to make against a strong ebbing tide and tight turns.  

Performance of the day was with Johnnie Alley a FFSC junior who had not raced at FFSC for over 8 years and never helmed in a senior race before, nice to see you back and returning also today was Jade Flynn crew for her dad Colin. Well done to the both of you. 

No race can take place without the Officer of the Day Craig Hinkins and his safety team of Ed, Gareth & Ben, thanks to all for a great sail

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Race Results: - The Presidents Tankard                          Race Date: 12/03/2017

1st    Stone Hawk                        Falcon                            Helm    Dave Irving
2nd   Honey Buzzard                   Falcon                            Helm    Richard Corner
3rd    Hummingbirds                    Wayfarer                         Helm    Phil Wishart

The new sailing season started with 5 boats taking part in the first race, on a day that promised good winds and difficult conditions. The reality was that the tide was very gentle and the wind was very fickle in the early stages of this 6 mile race over 4 laps.  

 The start went smoothly enough with the two Falcon class boats make a classics start dueling with each other but ignoring the Wayfarer of Phil Wishart who flew past the pair to take an early lead to the first mark. At the first mark the Wayfarer stalled and allowed the Falcon of Richard Corner No 59 Honey Buzzard, to take the lead followed by Dave Irving in Stone Hawk No 65 in pursuit. Honey Buzzard held that lead for two laps before Stone Hawk took the lead at the windward mark, a lead it managed to hold until the end of the race to take the first honor of the season.  The two remaining boats had mixed fortunes with GP14 Turtle No 8945 with helm Ian Skilling,  lived up to its name with a couple of capsizes just in front of the club house giving some entertainment to the small group of spectators who turned up to watch the first race of the season.  The other GP 14 11647 with a novice helm and crew on board completed the course in a fairly good time, so well done to them for sticking with it. 

The race was over quite quickly with the wind increasing in speed, so many of the boats traveled up to the New Bridge to look at the progress being made on the new river crossing allowing crews to get extra sailing time on the water and to find that he conditions near to the new crossing was far more severe that at the sailing club. On return the kettle was on for a hot brew and a bite to eat. For the Start of the season not a bad work out, but the next race will be far more competitive and in warmer conditions. Thanks to Craig & Ed for Safety Cover and Colin for OD duties, it’s great to be back.

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